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The Birmingham Craniofacial Unit based at Birmingham Children’s Hospital is one of four nationally designated craniofacial centres. They manage patients with abnormalities of the skull and face.

A multidisciplinary team carries out this complex surgery, led by a plastic surgeon , a neurosurgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon supported by registrars and staff from speech and language therapy, medical genetics, ophthalmology and clinicians from a wide variety of other disciplines.

The Best Craniofacial Units in the UK, History of Birmingham University Hospital

Welcome to the Best Craniofacial Units in the UK website. The NHS is facing one of the most significant periods of change and development in its history.  The future outlined by the Government in its White Papers and other guidelines places much greater emphasis on the delivery of high quality health services.

The majority of people working in the NHS have welcomed this change of emphasis, away from the competitive approach of the early 1990's to a more co-operative "whole system" approach.

The Birmingham Craniofacial Unit is the part of the best children’s hospital in the country. Its main objectives over the next few years will be about improving services. However the challenge will be to ensure that the smaller services do not get marginalised. The NHS management and support services within the unit and the hospital as a whole must add value to the delivery of these services.

There are things that are more effectively done corporately.  This may be because there is a corporate overview that local NHS services will not have or because there are limited skills available that cannot be diluted.  However, accountability and responsibility is best kept at the point where decisions need to be made and will only be centralised when it is absolutely necessary. Get in touch and have your say on Craniofacial Units in the UK.

Key facts

  • The Birmingham Craniofacial Unit was established in 1978,and has  treated over 500 Paediatric and Adult cases.
  • The Paediatric unit is based at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.
  • The adult unit is based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
  • Both are located in Birmingham,West Midlands, United Kingdom.

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This website has nothing to do with the Birmingham Hospital Craniofacial Unit. (click here). For more information on the Birmingham Hospital Craniofacial Unit, please contact them directly at Birmingham Childrens Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6NN. You can telephone them on 0121 333 8147.